Easiest Knit Sock Pattern Ever


These rainbow socks are the easiest pattern to use. I already have this pattern memorized and these rainbow socks are only the second time I’ve used it (although I may have to cheat for the heel).

The best way to make socks is to use circular needles (usually size 2 or 4) just because  there is less chance of  loosing stitches off the ends of needles (especially the ones that you’re not using at the time).


My circular needles already had a project on them (I believe the double-side headband) so I used 3-4 DPNs, double pointed needles, size 4 (it also keeps the socks stretchy) .

It’s tricky at first to begin with DPNs, just remember to stay loose and use 3 needles instead of 4.  You can always move the stitches around and add another needle once you have enough to work with.

I used hand-dyed 50% alpaca (my little obsession) and 50% acrylic (makes the yarn wear and tear well…because it’s plastic) sport weight yarn from a local yarn and craft shop.


I found the pattern in 7  Free Sock Knitting Patterns from knittingdaily.com entitled On-You-Toes Socks.


The rib stitch pattern is a great way for them to stretch and cling to your feet just like ‘store bought’ socks.  Remember when casting off to cast off with the K2 P2 pattern, otherwise it will be hard to slide on and off.


I made these socks for my Mom, who is an elementary school teacher.  She wore these to school wearing clogs, in Wisconsin winter weather, and not only did she receive compliments, her heels were warm all day!

That night she begged me to make another pair for her because she likes these rainbow socks so much.



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